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At Jewelry by Michael, We do not do watch work.

Michael began in the jewelry industry as a watchmaker, having studied through a correspondence course at the Chicago school of watch making.  The little insignia a watchmaker inscribes inside the back cover a watch identifies who it was that last worked on a watch.  The Ohio Watchmakers Association used to award those credentials to the qualified. Ironically, Michael’s identifying mark was “DR.” Perhaps that was foreshadowing the future.

Watch making was becoming a dying industry even back then. Disposables had not yet been invented. In fact, the Accutron quartz had just been introduced to the market place. Perhaps it was foresight, perhaps it was insight, but Michael saw little future taking down and reassembling watches.

The final result was this: At Jewelry by Michael, we sell watches, but they are all branded J.B. Michael, as in jewelry by... We have a limited number, and that number is getting smaller as we tweak our line. By the end of 2005, our goal is to carry only 14k watches that will boast our own designs in 14K watchbands, or quality leather.

All watch repair, even on our own watches, is performed off premises.  We do not have a qualified watchmaker on staff. As a consequence, we service only our own branded watches and prefer to refer all others to those who do employ a watchmaker.



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