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What we do, and what we do not do..


Affordable Designs

Who would you rather have designing your jewelry, your clothing, or your kitchen/dining room area . . . a real artist . . . or someone who has a yellow page ad that says ‘We Design’?

Not only is Michael an accomplished photographer, painter, sculptor, musician, author, and jewelry designer, but has been gifted with the ability to interpret the desires of your heart into the finished work of art you conceive. Michael can balance budget and design to produce a practical, affordable, and long lasting heirloom, the one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry that you can enjoy for a lifetime and pass down to your children.

Do not be put off by the ill conceived idea that designer jewelry is more expensive.  It is only more expensive if you buy it through a reseller.  Resellers are jewelry retailers that do not make their own jewelry.  Instead they buy it from manufacturers like Jewelry By Michael, and then tag on their necessary profits.

When you buy direct from the designer who manufactures the goods, you eliminate the middle man and the price is very competitive.  It may seem like a bit more, but any difference is usually due to the fact that designers will not stoop to putting anything of poor quality into a design that bears his name and reputation.

We offer affordable value, and quality craftsmanship in every piece we make.



Jewelry by Michael does no work in silver; no designs, no repairs. 

We will accommodate those who need charms soldered on bracelets, and we work with medical alert jewelry for obvious reasons. From time to time have been known to help out a JBM patriot, one of our family of customers with a keepsake, but we do not solicit silver work.



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