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This is our forté, our niche, and the service we perform most and best.  Our cases are filled with quality accomplishments, and there are always several pieces in the works.  Our cases change on a weekly basis as we enter new offerings into the displays. 
The categories are as follows: 
These are one-of-a-kind designs that are usually made around an unusually shaped gemstone. There is never a mold, so an exact reproduction is impossible. There may be pieces similar, thus the word “kind,” but no duplicates. All of our unique pieces are hand crafted. 
All of our designs are exclusive. We no longer share them with other retail jewelers as we once did when we served the wholesale industry. Limited editions are designs that took so long to accomplish they are almost unaffordable. We take these designs and mold them for reproduction. By dividing the carving and assembly time into several pieces, the price is lowered. 
Take note that rarely do our limited edition designs ever carry the same gemstones, so in a way, they too are each different, but cannot bear the label of unique. 
For those who are looking for a give-away price, we work with three American casting firms who supply us with the latest “catalog” designs at a very minimal cost. We purchase these items and then make subtle changes to them giving them the “JBM twist.” Voila! Different, but less expensive than the designed pieces in our cases. 
Do not be put off by the ill conceived idea that designer jewelry is more expensive. It is only more expensive if you buy it through a reseller. Resellers are jewelry retailers that do not make their own jewelry. Instead, they buy it from manufacturers like Jewelry by Michael, and then tag on their necessary profits. 
When you buy direct from the designer who manufactures the goods, you eliminate the middle man and the price is very competitive. It may seem a bit more, but any difference is usually due to the fact that designers will not stoop to putting anything of poor quality into a design that bears his name and reputation. 
We offer affordable value, and quality craftsmanship in every piece we make.
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