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We perform repairs on all fine jewelry, but only fine jewelry, not to be confused with discount-house jewelry, internet jewelry, island jewelry, and jewelry made in Asian countries.

We fix no faux, and refer all branded designs back to their manufacturers.  All repairs, both major and minor, such as stone setting, head replacement, ring sizing, and chain soldering, are all done on the premises. We send nothing out-of-house . . . ever.

Jewelry by Michael is a design studio, not a repair facility. We have a customer base of over 10,000 first time and repeat customers who have purchased fine jewelry from us over the past 35 years. We are now servicing third generation customers. These are the grandchildren of our original customers.

Our commitment-to-repair is first to our own customers who have used our design services or purchased jewelry from us in the past, and then to those whom they refer to us. If a repair should ever be needed on one of our own designs, those pieces receive the highest priority and are usually repaired while-you-wait or as soon as the materials necessary for repair are available.

We do service fine quality jewelry from walk-in customers as a way of introducing ourselves to them.  Our usual repair time in off-season is two to three weeks. We reserve the right to refuse to repair even fine jewelry pieces not created in our studio if the outcome is questionable. These are determined piece by piece. 

We will and do service those pieces referred by another jewelry store in the area when they call and ask us to take care of one of their devoted customers. Michael is the doctor when it comes to repairing the unrepairable and his skill and abilities are well known among his peers in the Central Ohio area. He has done work for many of them in the past.

We are available for any questions concerning repair. You may call 614-882-2200 and speak with Michael directly during our business hours.









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