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Michael grew up in the north end of Columbus and moved to Westerville in 1967. He graduated from Westerville High School when there was only one. His experience was so good he and his wife Sharon decided to stay and raise their children in Westerville.
Michael began designing and repairing jewelry in 1970 while working for a jewelry supply center. Being a real artist, accomplishing another media came easy to him. So much so that in 1973, Michael opened his own wholesale facility and began repairing and designing jewelry for other jewelers in Columbus. Over the next ten years he grew to be the largest wholesale trade shop in central Ohio servicing an area from Middletown to Sandusky. Today he is still affectionately known as the "Jeweler’s Jeweler," and "the Doctor" by his peers. If you have lived in Columbus for the last thirty or more years there is a good chance you have had design or repair work done by Michael as his wholesale trade-shop has serviced nearly every major-name retail jeweler in Columbus through the seventies and eighties.
Michael decided to go retail in 1983 and opened Jewelry by Michael in Westerville Square in south Westerville. He followed that with the Gold Doctors at Jewelry by Michael on Dublin Granville Road in 1991. During most of those years he continued to run his wholesale repair and design business out of his back room while operating his retail design studios. At some point along the way, the decision was made to close out all wholesale design and repair to other retail jewelers to concentrate on the opening of Jewelry by Michael on Polaris Parkway which had a successful run for eight years. Michael’s recent move to his Maxtown Road Studio is the culmination of his four decades in the industry.
Motivated by age, experience, and the economy, these next years will be his best. The atmosphere of the new studio is very casual and laid-back because Michael is picking and choosing his work carefully to reflect the best of the best of his talents. His passion for trend setting should allow him to produce some of the best limited editions of his career which he offers seasonally for the special holidays. Be sure to register your e-mail for notifications of these treasures.
Michael’s easy-going business platform is comfortable, pleasurable, and educational which is quite appealing, but his success has always been in his designs. Mixing a bit of vogue with timeless tradition, his eye catching fashions have weathered the test of time. Michael is now serving second generation customers, and some third. "It’s nice to see a piece I created twenty-five years ago, that it is still wearing well, and better yet, that it is still being worn. I am waiting for some of those ‘Peace Ring’ designs from the early seventies to come wandering in," Michael told us chuckling.
All of the staff at Jewelry by Michael works hard to meet the needs of their clients. Each design is budget minded, and created with the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship. All repair and design work is done by the staff at Jewelry by Michael. When you come in to Jewelry by Michael, you will be greeted by a friendly and caring group of knowledgeable people who enjoy their work.
Jewelry by Michael specializes in quality colored gemstones and certified diamonds set into handmade and hand wrought, exclusive, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind designs. The showcases are peppered with some market-driven designs as well as pieces created by other designers, some local, some from the east and west coasts. Jewelry by Michael is not the run-of-the-mill jewelry store. It is an experience in quality jewelry.


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